better grades and wellbeing with the world leading assessment platform


better grades


increased wellbeing


knowledge retention


saved time

save the world, one dugga at a time


Simple, flexible and integrable with several platforms in the school’s digital ecosystem (Google, Microsoft)


Part of a digital ecosystem – seamless integrations with Microsoft 365/Teams, Google G-suite and an open API for other popular learning platforms


Anonymous correction and assessment. Automatic plagiarism analysis. Equal conditions for everyone with pedagogy-driven technology

time saving

Easy to get started. Twice as fast as handwritten samples with editing function. Automatic correction and grading


3 + 1 Security Modes: Open Mode, Xit Check, Locked Mode + Possibility with Live/AI Algorithm Proctoring Solution for “Remote High Stakes Exams”

collaborative teaching

Build and share your assessment library. Collaborate with colleagues for pedagogical excellence.

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We are proud to announce the launch of the Dugga AI Exam Engine. This cutting-edge technology will enable teachers to generate high-quality, diverse and engaging questions in one click, and save time compared to when done manually. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education is becoming increasingly popular and we are leading the way in implementing the latest technologies to improve student learning outcomes.

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You can sync all of your schools, teachers, students and classes when you integrate Dugga with Teams.

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“Each child deserves equal opportunities and the right to quality education.”

Claudia Rademaker, PhD

Co-founder Dugga

“As teachers, we should take away unnecessary stress with tests and exams.

Patrik Nilsson, PhD

Co-founder Dugga

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