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If your school is using Microsoft Teams for EDU you can synchronize all of your schools, teachers, students and classes when you integrate Dugga with Teams.

If you cannot decide, opt for Dugga Stand-alone. At any time you can switch to Dugga in Microsoft Teams.

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Test Dugga as a Stand-alone platform


  • Create unlimited tests and exams with your own Dugga account.
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Use Full Lockdown and various other security levels




Test Dugga integrated with Microsoft Teams

  • Create unlimited tests and exams with your own Dugga account integrated in Teams.
  • Log in with Single Sign-On
  • Invite students and schedule exams in your Teams calendar
  • Students access exams and tests via their Teams calendar

Dugga Teams integration supports:

  1. Microsoft 365 EDU Licenses
  2. Microsoft Office 365 together with Microsoft School Data Sync

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