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June 23, 2021

Dugga appoints new CEO and other C-Suite Stars for Global Expansion

Today, Dugga’s Board of Directors appoints Peter Wilcke as new CEO. He will join the company in September 2021. Dugga also appoints two other C-Suite stars to their talented team for the roles of Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

With its growth from 2 to 120 countries, Dugga stands in front of a major transformation in the direction of global expansion. A transformation in which the company will need specialist expertise as well as a strong focus on rapid international market penetration. In this decisive phase for the company, Dugga is bringing on board Peter Wilcke as new CEO. Maria Gårdlund who joined Dugga as CEO in mid-February 2020 has chosen to move on.

Wilcke has a long and outstanding career in the world of education, previously holding positions as CEO at Norstedts Publishing Group, Sales Director at Liber Publishing, and most recently as Managing Director at the AcadeMedia owned NTI School which is Sweden’s leading digital school with 45 000 students. Furthermore, Wilcke has been involved in starting AcadeMedia EdTech, for which he received the Leader of Innovation Award 2020.

Chair of the Board, Bengt Jönsson says,” Dugga as a company is growing at a fast pace which demands specialist expertise. I am proud that we today can announce Peter Wilcke as new CEO for Dugga AB. Wilcke clearly comes out as a strong addition to our current highly qualified and strong performing top management team. Wilcke has extensive knowledge of the educational sector in digital transformation with a strong focus on business growth. This will be important for all the opportunities Dugga is facing at the moment. Being a previous Board member, he is well familiar with the company, and I believe that he will be a great cultural match for Dugga. I would like to thank Maria Gårdlund for a job well done and wish her all the best for the future”, concludes Jönsson.

Peter Wilcke on his appointment: “Dugga with its active founders, talented team, and a product that is in high demand globally, is a company with huge potential. The ideal foundations are in place for the upcoming transformation process. The digital assessment transition will lead to changes in the various markets and sectors, but they will be different and come at different speeds. I’m looking forward to driving Dugga’s mission further and to successfully build the company’s revenue and sustainable growth”.

Dugga appoints additional C-Suite Stars to its Team

Dugga also appoints a new CSO with extensive experience from international business development which will be a strong addition to the team. In addition to a new CEO and CSO, Dugga appoints a new CTO responsible for further building a world class product and tech-team.

With this new formation of C-Suite stars and its recently raised 5.1 million USD investment, Dugga is well equipped to expand globally.

January 23, 2021

Gateway Colleges start using award-winning Swedish digital assessment system Dugga

The Gateway Group has signed up with the Swedish Edtech company Dugga Assessment to incorporate Dugga – the state-of-the-art digital assessment platform to facilitate the school’s teaching and learning process.

Dugga is platform (PC, Mac, Chromebooks, iPads) and OS-independent and is used to conduct digital tests, exams, home exams, digital lessons, assignments and other types of assessment in education.

‘Dugga is pleased to work in partnership with Gateway, a leading educational organization in Sri Lanka‘, state Dr. Claudia Rademaker and Dr. Patrik Nilsson, founders and VPs of Dugga Assessment. Dugga is currently used in more than 100 countries and enables remote assessment for the continuation of education worldwide during school closures because of Covid-19. ‘Dugga offers an easy-to-use nevertheless advanced test platform and has for some time been the fastest growing test platform in digital examinations. Therefore, as a forward-thinking organisation that has adapted well to the virtual teaching and learning environment, it was only logical for Gateway to sign up with Dugga’ said Dr. Harsha Alles, the Chairman of Gateway.

The platform Dugga is the result of a research project initiated in 2012 in which researchers and developers participated from the Stockholm School of Economics and the Stockholm University, among others. Dugga was formally launched at Stanford University, California, USA in the fall of 2015 and since 2016, has been a partner with Microsoft working on several research and development projects in the field of digital examinations and how to employ artificial intelligence to support the examination process.

Built in Microsoft Azure with features such as Immersive Reader, Dugga is making a significant impact on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams activations, while helping to incorporate important services such as plagiarism analysis and proctoring. “From a set of more than 3,300 submitted nominations from more than 100 countries worldwide, it was an honour for us to be recognized as the Microsoft Education Partner of the Year 2020”, adds Maria Gårdlund, CEO of Dugga. “As the only Microsoft Showcase School in Sri Lanka and with the recent recognition from Sri Lanka Telecom to be an EdTech Specialist School, this tie up will strengthen us further in our forward march in embracing the best of educational technology for our pupils”, says Surani Maithripala, Team Leader, Change Management of the Gateway Group.

Gateway Colleges website:

Teacher from Sarasota wins the dugga Teacher Award 2020!

Stockholm, December 10, 2020

The winner of the Dugga Teacher Award 2020 is Elizabeth Shannon, teacher and Department Head at Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, Sarasota, USA. This is announced on the annual Nobel day.

The jury selected Elizabeth Shannon as the winner based on her driving the digitalization at her school and to see to it that her school could continue with assessment during the Covid19. Elizabeth and her team of colleagues also provided valuable feedback on digital assessment. Elizabeth views quality in learning as a team effort and together with her colleagues she is doing an outstanding job by collaborating as a team at her school.

“I am fortunate to lead a Professional Learning Community (PLC) of amazing educators dedicated to researching, learning, and troubleshooting instructional technology. These ladies all worked with Dugga in the classroom before I could get to it in curriculum myself. I learned a lot from themI am extremely honored to be selected as the winner of Dugga’s Teacher Award!”

Elizabeth Shannon, Teacher and Department Head, Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, Winner of the Dugga Teacher Award 2020.

Back from left to right: Julia Calderon (Science, 7th Grade), Marissa Dobbert (Math, 6th Grade), Elizabeth Shannon (Civics, 8th Grade), Marisa Gourley (Math, 6th Grade)

Front from left to right: Elizabeth Chappell (History, 7th Grade) and Kathleen Ferry (History, 7th Grade)

dugga is awarded the Microsoft Education Partner of the year 2020!

April 2020

Dugga makes exams possible in Microsoft Teams

The Swedish edtech company Dugga announces today its integration in Microsoft Teams. As online learning and assessment continues to drive traditional learning disruption in positive ways, the demand for Dugga delivering digital assessment solutions for teachers increases.The Dugga integration enables teachers to create all types of exams and assignments within Teams. Moreover, with Dugga in Teams teachers can now schedule exams ahead of time, collaborate with colleagues, publish results and give valuable feedback both individually and to the entire class.

In the past few years, the need for how we conduct lessons and assess knowledge in schools has changed tremendously. From paper and pen to solutions that are truly integrated and accessible in the schools’ digital eco-system. This has led to an increasing demand among teachers to conduct all types of online lessons and assessments. Microsoft and Dugga have taken this to heart and Microsoft Teams can now offer all types of assessments via the Dugga app.

Dugga makes its platform available to teachers to enable Remote learning and assessment due to the Corona Virus

Many schools and teachers are already using Dugga’s assessment platform today. Considering the current circumstances with the corona virus (COVID-19), Dugga now opens temporary access to its platform to all teachers, schools and universities in order to enable remote learning with different types of assignments, lessons and tests.

Dugga enables remote learning

Dugga’s assessment platform allows teachers to  create, schedule and conduct lessons, exams and assignments online. In a simple way, teachers can put together lessons for remote learning including knowledge assessment for their students and thereby provide instructions, individual/group feedback, upload movies, audio files, pictures, links and other classroom material.


January 2020

With Immersive Reader in Dugga schools can provide equal opportunities to learn with digital assessment. Both for learning in the classroom and online!

Dugga is the leading assessment platform that helps schools improve quality in learning for each individual by using technology for personalized learning. With Immersive Reader as an available feature in Dugga, students can have visual, grammatical and verbal reading support of instructions and questions in an exam. Immersive Reader has several options to increase readability of content such as text preferences, grammar options and reading preferences. All the possibilities and functions that are built-in to the Immersive Reader is also available to Dugga users. Empower your pupils with Immersive Reader in Dugga!

“At Dugga we are committed to ensure accessibility for all students. With Immersive Reader implemented, Dugga is able to provide equal opportunities with all types of assessment and online learning.”

Maria Gårdlund, CEO at Dugga

December 2019

Dear Nobel Laureates, Congratulations!

You are our heroes as your achievements and discoveries have conferred great benefits to humankind. From how cells adapt to changes in levels of oxygen to our ability to fight global poverty. We, like you, have a vision of a better world and believe in improving society through knowledge, science and humanism.

“In every school, each student deserves equal opportunities”

December 2019

She becomes new CEO of Swedish EdTech company Dugga

Now it is clear who will be the new CEO of the fast-growing EdTech company Dugga AB. The Board of Directors has appointed Maria Gårdlund as the new CEO of the company. Maria comes most recently from the role of CEO of Sweco’s IT consultants and will take office on 15 February next year.

Maria has extensive experience in leading professional Tech teams and a solid business background. The Board sees her as the person best placed to continue developing Dugga’s business and expansion strategy. She takes over the baton from current CEO Patrik Nilsson who will continue to focus on customer experience and product development within the company.

June 2018

Great advantages for teachers and students with Dugga’s digital exams

The role of digitalization in the Swedish school and the curriculum will be strengthened in 2018. One of the steps is to digitize the national tests and many schools and municipalities are now looking at how they can move from traditional paper exams to digital assessment in the best way. One of the companies that is at the forefront of digital exams is Dugga – a research-based examination system developed together with Swedish schools and teachers.

June 2018

Dugga takes digital knowledge assessment a step further with Microsoft Office 365

The Swedish EdTech company Dugga today announces that their knowledge assessment system has been integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Integration allows schools and universities all over the world to use a fully integrated knowledge assessment system, for example, tests, homework assignments, assignments and national exams.

September 2017

Skolon and the digital examination system Dugga initiate cooperation

Skolon today announces a new collaboration with Dugga, an easy to use, safe and flexible system for digital samples, assignments, homework assessments and other types of knowledge assessment.

“Offering a digital opportunity for safe tests and exams is something we have seen a demand for suburb municipalities, as the school is basically becoming more digital. Dugga not only enables a secure assessment environment, but is also a smooth solution for both teachers and students in its entirety. That’s why we see it as very positive to welcome Dugga to Skolon,” says Sebastian Matuska, Partner Manager at Skolon.

“For teachers, it’s about doing what they really want to do: teaching and helping each individual to reach their full potential.” The system ensures, above all, an objective evaluation with flexible tools for different needs, says Claudia Rademaker

June 2017

The Board of Education takes the next step in digitalisation

In the municipality of Alingsås, digitalisation is high on the agenda. From this autumn, students and students at Alströmergymnasiet and Campus Alingsås will be able to carry out their tests and knowledge assessments on a digital platform. After carrying out a direct procurement, the Education Administration has signed a one-year agreement with Dugga AB that provides the digital examination system.

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