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Dugga is a one-stop-solution for all types of knowledge assessment. We use pedagogy, technology and innovation to let your students get the best out of you as a teacher.

Create and schedule exams, tests and assignments with text, audio, video and other  material. Mark, grade and publish the results right back to your students or use our variety of automated question types for instant results!

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Collaborative teaching

Dugga is awarded the Microsoft Education Partner of the year 2020!

How students take an exam in Dugga 

How teachers create an exam in Dugga

Innovative schools use Dugga for digital assessment

Our mission is to help schools improve quality in learning with digital learning assessment and provide equal opportunities for each student's learning process.

what teachers say about dugga

"The many different question types make my profession as a teacher much easier and above all more fun. I use Dugga for different types of tests and assignments and it is much appreciated by my students."

Annika S.

High school teacher, biology & English, Stockholm

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