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Create and schedule exams, tests and assignments with text, audio, and video.  Mark, grade and publish the results right back to your students or use various automated question types for instant results!

Dugga can save up to 95% of a teacher’s time spent on assessing students. With Dugga, schools can provide equal opportunities with assessment which is crucial for each student’s learning process. Welcome to Dugga!

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"The many different question types make my profession as a teacher much easier and above all more fun. I use Dugga for different types of tests and assignments and it is much appreciated by my students."

Annika S. High school teacher, biology & English, Stockholm

"Dugga provides more opportunities to assess knowledge among students. With Dugga, schools can move away from mechanical correcting tests to a more pedagogical way of doing so, to increase learning."

Viktor T. High school teacher, biology & English, Stockholm

"It's nice to be able to conduct different types of tests in a very simple way. As a teacher you can be creative and pedagogical at the same time. Students now also have less stress before and during a test."

Sandra G. Elementary school teacher, 6th grade, Chemistry, Västerås

"Dugga frees up a lot of my and my colleagues' time and is easy to use. We are very happy!"

Niklas J. High school teacher, Mathematics, Stockholm

“Each child deserves equal opportunities and the right to quality education.”

Claudia Rademaker, PhD

Co-founder Dugga

“As teachers, we should take away unnecessary stress for students during exams.

Patrik Nilsson, PhD

Co-founder Dugga

Our mission is to help schools improve quality in learning with digital assessment and provide equal opportunities for each student’s learning process

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