Academy Federal School and Dugga create educational opportunities for children in Myanmar

Nay K Z, Head of IT and Partnership at Academy Federal School

During difficult times, the COVID-19 pandemic and the military coup in Myanmar caused several children to lose their educational opportunities, which led to the founding of the Academy Federal School (ACFS) in May 2022. Despite Myanmar’s current period of revolution, ACFS is committed to creating opportunities for children to continue their education. The school is working on expanding educational opportunities for children. Due to the school’s digital platform, its students and teachers need a more reliable digital assessment solution. To accomplish this, ACFS has been utilizing Dugga Assessment for all types of tests, assignments and exams.

1. Which are Academy Federal School favorite features of Dugga?

The variety of question types to suit different subjects! A survey of teachers at our school tells us that 65% of teachers are using MCQ questions the most, 15% use Correct Answer and that 20% like to use all the different question types such as Matching, STEM, Fill Gap and Essay type, depending on their subjects.

2. How is Dugga used at your school?
We initially planned to use Dugga for our final exams such as first and second semester assessments. However, today we use the platform more often, even for small formative assessments and tests. In fact, it is easy to create questions in the Dugga platform without taking up too much time.

3. What advice would you give to other schools preparing for Future learning Assessment?
We encourage other schools to use all the various question types, not just essays. With Dugga, teachers can collaborate and easily share their questions and exams with their colleagues. It’s also easy to (de)anonymize exams and everything is secure and takes less time.

4. How was the response among the pupils/students and parents?
We got overall positive feedback about Dugga. Since the start of the transition to digital education, parents, students and teachers love to use Dugga.

5. How are you planning to use Dugga onwards?
While we use Dugga for Grade-4 students (upper primal) to Grade-11 students, we are also now planning to use Dugga for our lower primary students. At ACFS, we are currently using Dugga for all types of tests such as readiness tests, formative tests and for summative assessments.

Nay K Z, Head of IT and Partnership at Academy Federal School.

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