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Remember to do some pre-tests with all your classes before you start doing real tests!

Some useful tips to prepare you and your students for conducting digital national tests:

  • We recommend that you do some pre-tests with each class so that both you and your students are familiar using Dugga.
  • When you do pre-tests, you do not initially need to use “full lockdown mode” (ie one of Dugga’s security solutions to lock students’ computers) but you can have your students log into Dugga and do the test on a regular browser.
  • We recommend that students use the New Microsoft Edge web browser or Google Chrome browser, regardless of the digital device used (PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad).


If you do not have a password, you can download a new one here:

Enter your email address and request a new password.

Then you go to and log in.


Dugga has switched to Safe Exam Browser 2.2.3

2020-01-07: Here comes new information about switching to new Safe Exam Browser 2.2.3. The information below was first published 2019-01-10.

This information applies specifically to those who use Microsoft Windows as their operating system and PCs. If none of your students or students use Microsoft Windows as an operating system on computers and the like, no action is required.

As we have announced before, we will start from Friday, June 27, to switch to using SafeExamBrowser version 2.2.3 for Windows computers. This means that when a student / student downloads SafeExamBrowser from Dugga, it will be the new version that is downloaded.

Depending on whether the students / students are administrators on their own computers, the following steps need to be done:

  1. If the student is an administrator on their own computer, download the new version available inside Dugga (available to all students). SafeExamBrowser is available for download during the menu selection, “Security” inside Dugga. This menu selection is only available in the student interface. No uninstallation of old versions need be done.
  2. If the student / student is not an administrator on their own computer, the new version needs to be pushed out centrally by the administrator at the school or the municipality.

To create an MSI file, which you use to eject SafeExamBrowser, to the students using Windows computers, you download an installation file from SafeExamBrowser’s website. Then you execute the commands described in the attachment.

The version to be used is thus called 2.2.3 and can be downloaded here:

During a transition period, it will be possible to use both version 2.1.8 (.1) When the student / student starts the test, there is a check box that you tick to indicate that you have an older version of SafeExamBrowser. It will be possible to use the older version until 2019-10-01.

Version 2.2.3 mainly offers faster start-up of the sample and, of course, an even higher stability and safety.

Please note, as mentioned above, that this only affects students / students with Windows computers.