With Immersive Reader in Dugga schools can provide equal opportunities to learn with digital assessment. Both for learning in the classroom and online!

Dugga is the leading assessment platform that helps schools improve quality in learning for each individual by using technology for personalized learning. With Immersive Reader as an available feature in Dugga, students can have visual, grammatical and verbal reading support of instructions and questions in an exam. Immersive Reader has several options to increase readability of content such as text preferences, grammar options and reading preferences. All the possibilities and functions that are built-in to the Immersive Reader is also available to Dugga users. Empower your pupils with Immersive Reader in Dugga!

Dugga’s team is committed to ensure accessibility for all students. With Immersive Reader implemented, Dugga is able to provide equal opportunities with all types of assessment and online learning.

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