Dutch Football Academy uses Dugga

Today was the first time SkillmovesAcademy trainers walked around with their new jackets with the Dugga logotype! Dugga is happy to announce this new collaboration which also includes practical aspects for the players in using Dugga as an assessment platform for physical education and injury prevention. Head coach Bayram Sahin explains.

Hello Bayram, how do you use Dugga at the SkillmovesAcademy?
– We are using Dugga and our plan is to implement this into the training system, for example we are planning to start with implementing it into the private training sessions. This way we can give more attention to the kids not only on the pitch but also off the pitch.

What difference did it make compared to before you started using Dugga?
– Dugga made our football academy look more special than any other academy.

How was the response among the kids and parents?
– We got many positive reactions regarding this idea and we hope it will be successful for the coming years. We are very hopeful.

Do you use Dugga for assessment of theoretical questions connected to health and injury prevention in the team?
– Yes, we did in the Pilot. For the older kids 13-17 years of age this is a must because they need to think more about their health and injury prevention than our younger kids.

How important are the many security features in Dugga. Securing fair and unbiased assessment of each individual’s knowledge?
Every child has the right to be judged only on basis of their knowledge and performance in the football field, and I fully support the way Dugga is implementing this into their grading system. Every child should have equal chances on and off the pitch! Dugga is the right digital tool for securing that ambition.

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