New AI technology supports teachers – Creating exams will never be the same with Dugga’s new innovation

Dugga Assessment, a leading platform for online assessment solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its AI-powered question generator tool. This cutting-edge technology will enable teachers to generate high-quality, diverse and engaging questions in one click, and save time compared to when done manually. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education is becoming increasingly popular and Dugga Assessment is leading the way in implementing the latest technologies to improve student learning outcomes.

This new feature within the Dugga platform helps teachers to minimize the time to create exams, tests and quizzes. The new solution is developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud team.

“It is amazing to see how powerful the Dugga AI Question Generator can be in the hands of a teacher. A teacher can, in less than a minute, generate a high-quality exam which is ready to be used in the classroom or exam hall. We actually change nothing in the way teachers work, but we use AI to reduce teachers’ workload and stress. This will also be very useful for students when they want to practice on their own.” states Patrik Nilsson, CIO of Dugga Assessment.

Dugga Assessment’s newly released AI product is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative, high-quality assessment solutions to educators and learners.

For more information about Dugga Digital Assessment’s platform, please visit their website at

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