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Special ISTE offer

Dugga makes its platform available for ISTE attendees to enable digital assessment for schools worldwide!

Many schools and teachers are already using Dugga’s assessment platform today. In relation to the ISTE show Dugga offers access to its platform to all teachers, schools and universities in order to enable digital assessment such as tests, exams and assignments, in-class or remote.

Dugga enables all types of assessment for your school

Dugga’s assessment platform allows teachers to  create, schedule and conduct lessons, exams and assignments online. In a simple way, teachers can create exams, tests and assignments for their students and provide feedback, upload movies, audio files, pictures, links and other material.

School license – free 3 months trial period

Access to Dugga’s specially developed school license Dugga provides schools the opportunity to conduct various types of digital tests, assignments and lessons and is offered to new users of Dugga. The Dugga school license runs for a period of 3 months so that schools can ensure that teachers and students have access to an easy way to get started with digital assessment.

Teacher license – free 3 months trial period

With a teacher licens, individual teachers can now benefit from a digital examination platform for all types of tests, assignments and exams within a familiar, safe and easy-to-use environment.

How to get access to Dugga

Schools who are not yet customers of Dugga can simply apply for the free trial license and start instantly. Simply, fill out the form by clicking the button below. We will contact you soonest with information about how you and your students can start with digital assessment. If your school has Microsoft Office 365 and SDS (School Data Sync) or Teams, you have the option to use our integration for SSO and user administration. You can then also use Dugga’s Teams app.

Individual teachers who want to start with digital assessment can also get access to a free teacher license without waiting for the entire school to sign up.

Get started digital assessment – Dugga is easy to use and has tutorials in place about how the platform is used. Easy onboarding with our intuitive design and Dugga Wiki at your finger tips.

Get Dugga’s free School license for your school or Dugga’s free Teacher license for individual teachers and get started by clicking the button below!

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