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Each year Dugga awards outstanding teachers. These teachers will be honored and put in the spotlight because of their exceptional efforts in driving digitalization in their school. At the same time they are, in line with Dugga’s mission, driving pedagogical excellence and equal opportunities for each individual. The winner of the Dugga Award 2021 will be announced in December.

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Teacher from Sarasota wins the dugga Teacher Award 2020!

Stockholm, December 10, 2020

The winner of the Dugga Teacher Award 2020 is Elizabeth Shannon, teacher and Department Head at Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, Sarasota, USA. This is announced on the annual Nobel day.

The jury selected Elizabeth Shannon as the winner based on her driving the digitalization at her school and to see to it that her school could continue with assessment during the Covid19. Elizabeth and her team of colleagues also provided valuable feedback on digital assessment. Elizabeth views quality in learning as a team effort and together with her colleagues she is doing an outstanding job by collaborating as a team at her school.

“I am fortunate to lead a Professional Learning Community (PLC) of amazing educators dedicated to researching, learning, and troubleshooting instructional technology. These ladies all worked with Dugga in the classroom before I could get to it in curriculum myself. I learned a lot from themI am extremely honored to be selected as the winner of Dugga’s Teacher Award!”

Elizabeth Shannon, Teacher and Department Head, Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, Winner of the Dugga Teacher Award 2020.

Back from left to right: Julia Calderon (Science, 7th Grade), Marissa Dobbert (Math, 6th Grade), Elizabeth Shannon (Civics, 8th Grade), Marisa Gourley (Math, 6th Grade)

Front from left to right: Elizabeth Chappell (History, 7th Grade) and Kathleen Ferry (History, 7th Grade)

jury of the dugga Teacher Award

Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson

Dr. Ossiannilsson is the Vice-President of the Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE) and researcher at Lund University, Sweden. Ebba has served as EDEN NAP Steering Committee member, and is a long time EDEN member. She is member of the Editorial Board of EURODL. Ebba has been involved in international and national projects and networks in the areas of open and distance learning, OER, MOOC, social media, learning analytics, mobile learning and open education in general, with a special focus on quality. 

Dr. Richard Wahlund

Dr. Wahlund holds the Bonnier Family Professor in Business Administration, especially media. He is also Head of the Center for Media and Economic Psychology and was Prefect of the Department of Marketing and Strategy at SSE for almost ten years. He has also been Professor at and Prefect of the Department for Applied Communications – GI and IHR at the Stockholm University. His main teaching areas are marketing, research methodology, economic psychology and finally business ethics and reputation risk management.

Dr. Marla Royne Stafford

Dr. Royne Stafford is the Executive Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Distinguished Chair at the Harrah College.  She has experience of 26+ years in academic as a professor, department chair and dean. Her time in academia has resulted in numerous publications, professorships, grants and awards including the 2009 and 2017 University of Memphis Alumni Association Awards for Outstanding Research in Social Sciences, Business and Law. She has also received several best paper awards over the years.

ICT Specialist Mats Brenner

Mats Brenner is ICT Specialist at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College. He has also worked as ICT Specialist at the University of Gävle and at the Learning Center – a departement that supplies teachers and students with information- and knowledge of ICT. Brenner has recently conducted a comprehensive study on digital examination systems.

Dr. Claudia Rademaker

Dr. Rademaker holds a PhD in business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics and has worked within academia as Asst. Professor, teacher and researcher for many years. Before working with Dugga, she worked at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics. Her research is published in several scientific journals, books and articles. Claudia’s current research interest is Teacher stress and Student fear in the classroom.

Dr. Patrik Nilsson

Dr. Nilsson holds a PhD in business administration from Umeå University and has worked previously within academia as Asst. Professor, teacher and researcher for many years. Before working with Dugga, he worked at Stockholm School of Economics and Umeå Business School, Umeå University. His work is published in several journals, books and articles.


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