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Many schools and teachers are already using Dugga’s assessment platform. Considering the current circumstances with COVID-19, Dugga now opens its platform to teachers, schools, and universities in order to enable digital assessment. Read on!

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Dugga enables digital assessment – in class or remote

Dugga is a secure assessment platform that allows teachers to create, schedule and conduct exams and assignments in the classroom. In a simple way, teachers can also put together lessons for digital classes including knowledge assessment for their students and thereby provide instructions, individual/group feedback, upload movies, audio files, pictures, links and other classroom resources and material. Watch the webinar again via this link: Webinar Dugga + Microsoft

Dugga offers a 6 monhts Free Trial for you and your school!

Access to Dugga provides schools with the opportunity to conduct various types of digital exams, tests, assignments, homework, and lessons. The free license will give schools access to Dugga Advanced. With Dugga Advanced teachers will have access to a wide variety of question types, several of which that use auto marking and grading. Furthermore, in Dugga you will find accessibility tools such as Immersive Reader and ReadSpeaker. For more information see https://dugga.com/product/

Offer type:

Dugga Advanced for Free for a period of 6 months as a stand-alone solution. Includes all teachers and students at your school. The retail value of Dugga Advanced is currently 9.99$ per user and year. The assessment platform is available in English, Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish and Spanish. Additional languages can be added upon request.


Sign up period

June 16, 2020 thru August 15, 2020

Who can sign up?

All webinar participants and their schools

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Schools can try out Dugga for all types of assessment, free of charge! Click on the button below and we will see to it that you can get a flying start with Dugga for digital assessment.

Get started with digital assessment:

Dugga is easy to use and has one-minute tutorials in place to make your transition to digital assessment as smooth as can be. Simply, click on the button below and get started with Dugga Assessment!

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