Dugga makes its platform available to teachers to enable Remote learning and assessment due to the Corona Virus

Many schools today are already using Dugga’s learning platform. Considering the current circumstances with the corona virus (COVID-19), Dugga now opens access to its platform to all schools and universities in order to enable remote learning with different types of assignments, lessons and tests.

New feature in Dugga enables remote learning

The new feature in its assessment platform allows teachers to create and conduct lessons and assignments online. In a simple way, teachers can now put together lessons for remote learning including knowledge assessment for their students and thereby provide instructions, feedback, upload movies, audio files, pictures, links and other classroom material.

“With Dugga’s new solution, teachers can create digital lessons and gather all teaching resources, tests and assignments in one place, easily accessible to both teachers and students”, says Maria Gårdlund, CEO Dugga.

School package: Dugga Remote Learning – free for schools

Access to Dugga’s specially developed school package, Dugga Remote Learning, makes it possible for schools to conduct remote learning with various types of digital tests, assignments and lessons and is offered to both existing and new users of Dugga. The Dugga Remote Learning school package runs for a period of 3 months so that schools can ensure that teachers and students have access to an easy way to get started with remote learning and knowledge assessment. If the development of the corona virus continues and the situation demands, measures will continue to be evaluated.

Schools can get started quickly with Dugga Remote Learning and Microsoft Office 365

Schools that use Microsoft O365 and MSDS can make Dugga Remote Learning available to teachers and students in just a few minutes.

“On Microsoft’s part, we are pleased that Dugga’s solution works so well with Microsoft Office 365 and that we together can enable distance learning,” says Joke Palmkvist, Business Area Manager School and Higher Education, Microsoft Sweden.

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