Dugga makes exams possible in Microsoft Teams

The Swedish edtech company Dugga announces today its integration in Microsoft Teams. As online learning and assessment continues to drive traditional learning disruption in positive ways, the demand for Dugga delivering digital assessment solutions for teachers increases.The Dugga integration enables teachers to create all types of exams and assignments within Teams. Moreover, with Dugga in Teams teachers can now schedule exams ahead of time, collaborate with colleagues, publish results and give valuable feedback both individually and to the entire class.

In the past few years, the need for how we conduct lessons and assess knowledge in schools has changed tremendously. From paper and pen to solutions that are truly integrated and accessible in the schools’ digital eco-system. This has led to an increasing demand among teachers to conduct all types of online lessons and assessments. Microsoft and Dugga have taken this to heart and Microsoft Teams can now offer all types of assessments via the Dugga app. 

“At Dugga we understand the need among teachers who want to conduct all types of teaching activities such as assignments, tests and lessons in one place. We are therefore very excited that this is now possible with the Dugga app in Microsoft Teams”, says Maria Gårdlund, CEO at Dugga.

The launch of the new integration enables remote assessment, especially during current school closures due to Covid-19

Schools, such as KSE in The Netherlands, that have been on the forefront of digitization were well prepared to make the shift to online teaching and assessment.

“As a Microsoft Showcase School, we were immediately able to have teachers online almost for the entire curriculum from the second day the schools were closed. Our teachers teach all classes through Teams with as much interactivity as possible. With the Dugga app integration in Microsoft Teams it is now possible to schedule a test for a class directly from Teams and to add individual students to a test event. In short, a very successful start of this promising Swedish-Dutch product.”,says Leon Geers, Director at KSE.

“At KSE 2500 students and 170 teachers are now using Dugga. In the first two weeks of April, more than 100 tests have already been conducted, of which 1169 submitted answers. More tests are planned for the coming days. Tests are made and shared among teachers, so that other colleagues are helped on the way.”, adds Margot van Houwelingen, ICT-project manager, Dutch language teacher at KSE.

How does it benefit teachers, schools and students?

  • Deploy a world-class assessment solution – With Dugga in Teams teachers can have all the features needed to deliver a one-stop solution for all types of exams, tests and assignments.
  • Pedagogical and creative assessments for all subjects – Dugga’s many different question types allows for pedagogical and creative assessments. Teachers can create and schedule various types of tests and assignments and upload audio, pdf and film files.
  • Schools can continue to conduct knowledge assessment online – Dugga offers all features that schools need such as creating tests, scheduling test events, different security levels, auto-save, Immersive Reader and other accessibility tools to empower students.
  • Continuity and accessibility – Teachers and students can have all types of tests and assignments in one place. Should internet fail (off-line), ongoing tests are still delivered.

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