Dear Nobel Laureates, Congratulations!

Dear Nobel Laureates,

Congratulations! You are our heroes as your achievements and discoveries have conferred great benefits for humankind. From how cells adapt to changes in levels of oxygen to our ability to fight global poverty. We, like you, have a vision of a better world and believe in improving society through knowledge, science and humanism.

In every school, each student deserves equal opportunities

This is our strong belief and we know you agree with us that each student should have the possibility to pursuit their dreams.

We believe that we can dramatically improve quality in learning by transforming learning assessment

Therefore, our mission is to help schools increase quality in learning and provide equal opportunities for each student’s learning process. No matter one’s last name, gender or special need.

Driven by this ambition, we have created a unique arena to inforporate the needs of schools into our learning assessment platform. We have learned that through transparency and dialogue with teachers and students, we can use pedagogy, technology and innovation to help students get the best out of their teachers, no matter which level or subject is taught. Simply, everybody’s Dugga.

Thank you for inspiring us all!

Dr. Claudia Rademaker & Dr. Patrik Nilsson

Founders of Dugga – Learning Assessment

you can become a shareholder of dugga!

Now everyone can make a real change in education!

We are pleased to announce that we are offering you the ability to invest in Dugga in return for shares in the business. This is your chance to register for exclusive early access so that you’re one step ahead of the curve. Those who register for early access, will receive further information and have the chance to invest before we open the funding to the general public. 

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