Dugga and how we handle your data

data privacy

Your integrity and how we handle your personal information is important to us. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) entered into force in May 2018 applying to all citizens of the EU. To make you feel safe with us handling your personal information we would like to explain how we work with it.

We have established routines within the company to handle requests and questions related to personal data and ensured there are binding and legally adequate data processing agreements with our external service providers.

We view our work with GDPR-compliance as an ongoing process where we keep data protection in mind in our development. We do this to ensure that Dugga’s services are always in line with any legal requirements concerning the processing of personal data, and to make GDPR-compliance as easy as possible for our customers.

Privacy statement

We use your personal information in order to provide the service of conducting exams and tests digitally.

You have an agreement with your school that allows them to use your personal information to provide educational services to you, or as an employer. The school then has an agreement with us to allow us to use your personal information on behalf of them to provide our services.

This agreement between us and the school states which of your personal information we are allowed to use and for what purposes.

The purposes for collecting your personal information are:

  • Provide the service to allow you to do digital exams and tests
  • Improve the service by understanding how you use it
  • Provide support for the service

For Google integrations

Students – we use your profile information, email information and your open ID for single sign on into our application. If you are a G-Suite user, you will be able to login with your google account to our application.

Teachers – we use course and calendar information, course participants to synchronize students to our database so that teachers can see their students in Dugga and are able to schedule exams with specific students/groups.

Teachers – we need access to your assignment information so that your students can create and update their course work in Google Classroom. When students submit their exams/assignment, it will be uploaded to Google Classroom in which they can see their results once it is graded.

For schools using Dugga

Dugga is compliant with the GDPR and has signed Data Processing Agreements with Privacy Shield with all our sub processors.

Questions regarding your privacy

Questions or requests that you have regarding your privacy should primarily be sent to your school, if there are any questions specific to Dugga you can contact our Data Privacy Officer at privacy@dugga.com