Dugga helps Teachers in Europe with the sudden influx of Ukrainian students who can take tests in their local language

Swedish Edtech company Dugga Assessment is used by schools in over 130 countries for all types of tests and exams. Thanks to Dugga’s smart features that are research-based, teachers can even assess foreign students in their local language with Dugga’s in-built translation feature in Dugga’s platform.

Free licenses for teachers in Europe dealing with the current situation
This feature is especially valuable for teachers in European countries who are dealing with the sudden influx of Ukrainian students. For the Ukrainian students it means that language should not be an initial problem to get started in a foreign school. That’s why Dugga supports all teachers in Europe with free licenses to help them deal with the sudden influx of Ukrainian.

Quick action thanks to great team spirit and close connections with Ukraine
Knowledge speaks many languages. Swedish Edtech company Dugga has clearly understood this. The company has always had close connections with Ukraine through its team of developers based in Kyiv. Through the initiative of Dugga’s team, the Dugga platform was quickly translated into Ukrainian. Thanks to this team effort, Dugga’s platform supports now also the Ukrainian language for teachers, students and admins.

“Dugga always strives to provide equal learning opportunities for everyone, and to me as a woman in tech, equality and inclusiveness are the values that I personally share and can relate to. Being a Ukrainian myself, it was important to take immediate action to help Ukrainian children to proceed with their studies. Our development teams were eager to add the Ukrainian language. This is a crucial step to include teachers and students from Ukraine.”, says Anastasiia Bovsunovska, Team Lead Developer at Dugga.

“This initiative of our members shows true team spirit and passion behind the cause to help both teachers and Ukrainian students during these challenging times. We are very proud of our team!”, say Claudia Rademaker and Patrik Nilsson, Co-founders of Dugga.

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