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Stockholm Science and Innovation School

“During these times of educational challenges, Dugga has been a valuable assessment platform for us in doing our exams, both on premises and remote. Our teachers have quickly adopted Dugga, it is user-friendly and above all, assures legal security in our tests, exams and assignments.

We have been working with Dugga for several years and with the Dugga app integration in Microsoft Teams it is now possible to schedule an exam for a class with students directly from within Teams and the exam event appears in the Teams calendar for all the students. We are very happy to see this development and the new possibilities that this gives us at and all other students out there.”

Patrick Vestberg, Dean

Municipality of Alingsås, Sweden

“Introducing Dugga to our schools has meant that we have been given a practical tool to use for all types of assessment. It has also challenged traditional ways of looking at exams and thereby become an incentive for in-depth discussions and discussions about educational practices.

In this respect, the use of Dugga has contributed especially to the favored digitization of assessment in upper secondary education and provided increased flexibility for adult education.

Dugga has also, with commitment, listened to our voices and discussions about the implementation and the development of digital assessment with always having the good of students in mind.”

Anneli Schwartz, Head of Culture and Education

KSE Etten-Leur, The Netherlands

“Today at KSE 2500 students and 170 teachers are using Dugga. In the first two weeks of April, more than 100 exams have already been conducted, of which 1169 submitted answers. More exams are planned for the coming days. Exams are made and shared together among teachers, so that other colleagues are helped on the way.”

Margot van Houwelingen, ICT-project manager, Dutch language teacher

“With the Dugga app integration in Microsoft Teams it is now possible to schedule an exam for a class directly from within Teams and to add individual students to an exam event. We are now using this. In short, a very successful start at KSE of this promising Swedish-Dutch product “

Leon Geers, Director KSE

Stockholm Science and Innovation School

“Dugga is a flexible system and a necessity both as part of the school’s digitization and development and to facilitate teachers’ everyday lives.”

Mattias Wickberg, Head Teacher


“We are pleased to participate in the digitisation of the education system together with Dugga. Like Microsoft, Dugga offers smart, digital solutions that create new opportunities for students and teachers from schools and universities around the world. The new integration between Dugga and Microsoft Office 365 takes digitized forms of knowledge assessment a step further.”

“In a situation where secondary schools and universities very quickly need to adapt to a new way of teaching, it is important that follow-up is done in a smooth way; and therefore the new app in Teams that Dugga has developed is very valuable, ”

Joke Palmkvist, Business Area Manager for School and Higher Education, Microsoft

University of Warmia and Mazury Olsztyn

“Dugga is versatile and intuitive. Dugga is simply great!”

Kasia Szeremeta University of Warmia and Mazury  Olsztyn, Poland






“During these times of educational challenges, Dugga has been an important platform for us in our teaching and examinations. All our teachers have quickly adopted Dugga, it is user-friendly and the support at Dugga is very helpful and incredibly humble in their work to continuously develop the platform.

Our students nationwide also appreciate the platform. By using Dugga we can assure quality in our work, promote sustainability, but above all, assure legal security in our tests, exams and assignments by using Dugga. We also see great possibilities to develop our education and all our teaching by using Dugga – not just for different test events.”

Mathilda Idhult, Head of Education, TCC

Stockholm School of Economics

“The total comprehensive functionality with flexibility for both teachers and students as well as the many different question types, makes it possible to use Dugga for all types of written exams and assignments.

The integrations with Office 365 and Teams make user management a lot easier. In addition, security is very well thought through and feels very safe and secure and in line with the new GDPR directives.”

Richard Wahlund, Professor in Business Administration


Work Flows, The Netherlands

“Dugga is flexible to work with and was able to make the necessary adjustments quickly and after three working days we already had the first group of ten teachers working with Dugga in their classes.

In our project team, we had daily meetings with Dugga to achieve this success.”

Jack Aerts, Project manager, Work Flows


Municipality of Jönköping, Sweden

“The biggest benefit we see with Dugga as a digital assessment system is all the time that every teacher saves on correcting and grading. Even when correcting manually in Dugga, every teacher saves time for each exam event. Being able to correct many different question types completely automatically is fantastic!

Another big advantage of Dugga is that each teacher saves about 3-5 hours a week with Dugga which amounts to 78 000-130 000 hours saved per year for the school. Any teacher can manage to use the solution after a quick 60 minutes introduction.”

Lars Ulvemo, IT-educator

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