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Our mission is to help schools improve quality in learning with digital assessment and provide equal opportunities for each student’s learning process.

Leading schools in digitalization are using Dugga.
Dugga is an easy to use, flexible and safe digital platform for all types of tests, exams, home exams, assignments and national tests. Dugga is platform independent and supports Windows, OSX, Chromebook, and iPad. Dugga gives you as a teacher the opportunity to devote more quality time with your students.







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In each school, students deserve equal opportunities. What do you think?

Dugga is platform independent and supports Windows, OSX, Chromebook, and iPad. Dugga ensures an objective assessment. We believe that no one should be assessed biased by their appearance, surname, handwriting or in-class behavior. Dugga enables fair assessment.

With the development of Dugga, we started with teachers who were not very knowledgeable about IT, computers and the like. For the student, it’s about learning. For the teacher, Dugga ensures that relevant legislation is followed such as the Education Act (2010:800), the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) and the General Data Protection Regulation (2017/18:105) commonly referred to as GDPR.

Our assumption was that if we could build a digital assessment system that was so user-friendly and easy to use that even less computer-skilled educators could easily use the platform, it would be very easy for computer-experienced educators to quickly get started with Dugga.

March - National exams

March - National exams

A letter from our founders

Dear Nobel Laureates,


You are our heroes as your achievements and discoveries have conferred great benefits to humankind. From how cells adapt to changes in levels of oxygen to our ability to fight global poverty. We, like you, have a vision of a better world and believe in improving society through knowledge, science and humanism.

“In every school, each student deserves equal opportunities”


Dugga is developed by educators with many years of experience in the Swedish school system

Schools, teachers and students have been involved in the development of the platform. Dugga is a Spin-off from a research and development project at the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, Umeå University, HAN University of Applied Sciences and Stics Research.

As the only digital test system in Sweden, Dugga, in competition, received research funding from the Authority Vinnova, under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, through the initiative “School of the Future”. Specifically, the directives underlined the importance of developing the system based on scientific research in the same way as the Swedish school system in general is based on scientific research. Dugga is exactly that: based on scientific research, created by teachers.

We regularly hold pedagogical workshops and inspirational talks. Interested? Welcome to contact us!

How can and should we, with the help of technology, improve learning in schools?

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What do educators say about Dugga?

“Dugga, which we now are using, is a flexible system and a necessity both as part of the school’s digitization and development, and to facilitate teachers’ everyday lives.”
Mattias Wickberg

Head Teacher, City of Stockholm

“The total comprehensive functionality with flexibility for both teachers and students as well as the many different question types, makes it possible to use Dugga for all types of written exams and assignments. The integration with Office 365 makes user management a lot easier. In addition, security is very well thought through and feels very safe and secure and in line with the new GDPR directives.”
Richard Wahlund

Professor in Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics

“We are pleased to participate in the digitisation of the education system together with Dugga. Like Microsoft, Dugga offers smart, digital solutions that create new opportunities for students and teachers from schools and universities around the world. The new integration between Dugga and Microsoft Office 365 takes digitized forms of knowledge assessment a step further.”

Joke Palmkvist

Business area manager school and higher education, Microsoft Sweden

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